Linda Elizabeth,always the villain
Anonymous said: Since you hate white people so much, just go back to your country.



I find it hilarious that white people are telling us to go back to our countries when they stole this land from Native Americans. 

Go back to Europe you scum and while you’re there read a history book. -G

I can’t stand when white people say this, especially when it’s targeted at black Americans who are the descendants of slaves. We don’t know what country our ancestors were from. They took that from us.

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Angelina Jolie at 19 years old (1994)


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Versus SS 15


Versus SS 15

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I just want a nice girl that I can treat like a princess & fuck like a whore.
I’ll buy her cute things like sweets & flowers & lingerie & ball gags, and hold her hand in public & and her throat at night.

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Via englishsnow: gorgeous, haunting graveyard photos by Thomas Bavington. Hello, I am goth, I like graveyard photography.

::embraces cliches so tight they squeak:: 

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